Specializing in the production of various OEM and ODM eye shadow brushes and facial masks!

8PCS Cartoon Style Sailor Moon Personalize Makeup Brush Set Cosmetic Powder Foundation Eyeshadow Brush For Girls Gift
1. Made of Good quality Synthetic hair.

2.Feel Soft, Smooth and Thick.Compatible for foundation, concealer, cream, blush,eyeliner eyeshadow and lip.

3. The ferrule is made of aluminium or copper, strong and luxurious.

4. The handle is made of marble, resin, wood or recycled plastic. which is durable, environmental-friendly,also popular.

5. The best gift for your friend or just for yourself.

6. The color,size,logo and package can be customized as your requirements.

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Specializing in the production of various OEM and ODM eye shadow brushes and facial masks!

[how to choose a cosmetic brush]

1. It is best to choose natural hair brush, because the natural brush is soft and elastic, feels very comfortable in contact with the skin, and is easy to stick to the powder particles, with natural coloring. Although the synthetic brush is relatively smooth, it is not easy to brush the powder evenly.

2. The bristles shall be soft, smooth, firm, full and not easy to fall off, and the handle shall also be convenient to use.

3. When selecting a brush, you can feel its elasticity by hand, or press the brush directly on the desktop. Good quality bristles will be distributed in a circular shape without gaps.

4. Sweep the brush back and forth on the back of your hand for several times. The top grade is the one without brush hair falling off.

5. The method to identify the authenticity of the brush hair is to blow the hot air of the hair dryer to the brush hair. The animal hair that remains in its original state is animal hair, and the curly brush hair is man-made fiber.

[how to clean the cosmetic brush]

1. You can choose a special brush cleaner or use mild washing products (such as baby shampoo). When using the brush cleaner, squeeze out a cleaning paste the size of a dollar coin each time, apply it to the soaked cosmetic brush, gently rub it, and then rinse it with cold water.

2. Never wash against hair.

3. After cleaning, gently press the bristles with facial tissue paper or cotton pad to let the water discharge quickly. Remember not to twist the bristles, resulting in loose structure or even depilation.

4. After controlling the moisture, hang the cosmetic brush and let the bristles face down and dry naturally. Do not use a hair dryer for hot blowing or expose to the sun to avoid damaging the material.

[how to store the cosmetic brush]

1. Most make-up brands will be equipped with corresponding make-up bags, which can also be purchased according to their own quantity and specifications. Usually, small cosmetic bags are suitable for storing short handle brushes or travel brushes, which are commonly used; Large ones are suitable for storing professional cosmetic brushes.

2. It is better to insert the brush head upward into the cosmetic cylinder if it is not used for the moment. The long handle brush is easy to use, but it is inconvenient to carry. You might as well buy a shorter large brush according to the size of the cosmetic bag.

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    Yes, we will choose the freight company according to the address you want to arrive and negotiate safe and preferential freight prices
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    After the sample is determined, it will take about 7-45 days according to the commodity conditions
  • The development direction of the company?
    After more than ten years of continuous development and innovation, Yiwu Olin has become a well-known brand in the cosmetics industry. This market is all over the world. Yiwu Aolin will continue to make progress, strive to expand the market and bring our products to more people
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    Yiwu Aolin has successfully passed the on-site verification of SGS group, the world's leading inspection company

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