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New style pink dance 10pcs beauty eye cross-border makeup brush set brush custom beauty tools makeup brush set


Product name: 10 elegant makeup brush suits (can be customized)

Brustles: fine fiber hair

Quantity: 10 sets

Throx tube: bright thickened mouth pipe

Color: Estee Lauder / Rouge powder / sky blue / purple pink

Brush handle: frosted V-type curve brush bar

Net weight; 157.7g (including opp bag package)

Package: OPP bag / storage bucket / brush bag

Box gauge: OPP package 200 sets / box 31.4kg


The product is composed of fiber wool, thick aluminum tube, frosted paint brush rod,

Including 4 facial brushes and 6 eyeshadow brushes for both beauty and practicality

The design is inspired by the unique beauty of female body characteristics. As the saying goes, "a fair lady, a gentleman is easy to tell"

Named "Man Dance" after this, it is full of joy, youthful dance, and dazzling colors.

The design as a whole is characterized by a strong sense of line, smooth, and easy to retract, just like the graceful posture of a woman,

Showing a high-end and elegant temperament, the tail of the makeup brush is like a dancer on tiptoes,

Wield hard to spilt his beautiful youth.

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New style pink dance 10pcs beauty eye cross-border makeup brush set brush custom beauty tools makeup brush set

Product name: 10 elegant makeup brush suits (can be customized)
Brustles: fine fiber hair
Quantity: 10 sets
Throx tube: bright thickened mouth pipe
Color: Estee Lauder / Rouge powder / sky blue / purple pink
Net weight: 157.7g (including opp bag package)

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