Specializing in the production of various OEM and ODM eye shadow brushes and facial masks!
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★The Mirror is Clear and Transparent, the Mirror Body Feels Good, the Design is Humanized, the Corners Are Polished, It is Easy to Carry, It is Not Easy to Stain the Mirror, Easy to Clean

★Unique Shape, Fine Edges, Complicated Process, Good Texture and No Deformation.

★The Frame Has Been Rust-Proofed for Many Times, with Longer Service Life, Smooth Edges and No Scratches. the Elderly and Children Can Use It with Confidence.

★The Multifunctional Makeup Mirror is Suitable for Bathroom, Living Room, Etc. It is Also Suitable for Makeup, Color Makeup, Dressing Room, Dressing Table, Hotel, Shopping Mall, Etc.

★The Mirror Image is Clear, Smooth and Flat; the Mirror is Waterproof, Rust-Proof, and Not Easy to Oxidize; It Can Be Used for Any Details in Front of the Magnifying Glass.

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