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1. The desktop mirror adopts high-definition mirror surface, which has clear imaging and accurate color rendering, which can meet the needs of girls for fine makeup and can help girls to make delicate and beautiful makeup.

2. The desktop mirror can be placed on any tabletop, which is very convenient for you to place and use. Placed on the tabletop is suitable for girls' daily makeup/boys shaving.

3. Our store has desktop mirrors suitable for home decoration, not only for you to organize your makeup, but also for stylish home decoration to make your dressing table more beautiful.

4. Our store also provides a portable desktop mirror, which is convenient for your daily carrying. You can carry it on travel/outing, or place it on your desk, so that you can tidy up your instruments and make up at any time.

5. There are many suitable use scenarios for desktop mirrors, such as the entrance of the living room, the dressing table for girls, the cloakroom, the office, the beauty salon, the barber shop, the beauty shop, etc.

Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.

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