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Giant Size Konjac Sponges: These extra large 100% Natural Konjac Sponges are 3" when they are dry and expand when they are wet

Deep Exfoliation: Gentle on Sensitive Skin, so you can use these makeup sponges under your eyes and on your face

Healthier Skin: Konjac makeup sponges eliminate toxins and impurities, remove dirt, oil, regular make-up, blackheads, and any persistent patches of acne

Balance pH of your skin: Konjac helps balance the pH levels of your skin and hydrates your skin at the same time

Lasts More Than a Year: This set of five facial sponges will last you over a year and each colour sponge has a different property

Seals in Moisture: The Rose Konjac is suitable for sensitive skin and will moisturise, The Aloe Vera sponge seals in moisture and heals

Protect Skin from Ageing: Charcoal will deep clean and eliminate excess oil, and the lighter Green Tea Konjac helps protect skin from sun damage and is anti-ageing

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