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Our artificial eyelash bowl is small, you can take it, put it in your pocket, go to dates, dance parties, you can take them off at any time so that you can enjoy the party, this kind of packaging is also a good choice for travel. Does not take up space in the suitcase. Absolutely. Absolutely. Pink Eyeliner Brush Disposable Eyeliner Black Eyelashes Simple Magnetic Eyeliner Transparent Eyeliner

REUSABLE & RECYCLED - These durable lashes can be reused more than 15 times, just make sure to use and keep them properly. eyelash roller eyeliner blue eyeliner waterproof eyelashes extensions eyeliner stencil

Please note that the product may be damaged during shipping. If you receive a defective goods or are not satisfied with our product, please contact us, and we will have no effort to offer you the best solution. Oblique Eyeliner Brush Set Black Liquid Eyeliner Magnetic Eyeliner Liquid Blue Liquid Eyeliner

It is also a good choice to give your friends or friends on Christmas, Valentine's Day or other holidays. Quick Growth Organic Eyelashes Set with Colouring Eyelashes Makeup Remover for Extensions Eyeliner Stencil Eyes Eyeliner Waterproof

EXCELLENT QUALITY & REUSABLE - Eyelash tufts are made of high quality synthetic fiber and can be reused multiple times with proper care. No residue, no glue and no glue. Best choice for DIY eyelash extensions at home. eyeliner pads waterproof eyelash extensions starter kit for eyelashes shampoo brushes eyeliner stencil reusable eyelashes shampoo brush

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